New hospital in Dedoplistskaro

Project: „State Construction Company" LTD built a new polyclinic in Dedoplistskaro.

The new hospital will replace the existing one in the city, which is currently practically out of use. This is a one-storey building with an attic. It has a modern design and a yard.

„State Construction Company" LTD commenced the construction of a new polyclinic in Dedoplistskaro in 2014 and finished in August of 2017.

Financing: The project was financed jointly through state and municipal budgets and is worth a total of 3,700,000 GEL.

Employment: 70 people have been employed on the construction, the majority of which are locals.

Outcome: The clinic will offer its services to the population of Dedoplistskaro and 16 of its surrounding villages. The new polyclinic will be provided with modern equipment and will offer all sorts of medical treatment to patients.