19 February, 2016
A Corridor to Safeguard against Disaster
The structure will start out from the Larsi customs checkpoint territory and extend to the Dariali monastery, where special square will be arranged. This very square will afford the possibility to evacuate people using a helicopter.    
09 October, 2015
A Wider Road to Mount Kokhta
A mere one kilometer and 100 meters long, it is a short, but significant road. This is what we are told by the locals of Bakuriani and Greater Mitarbi, the inhabitants and builders who are constructing new residential complexes and ropeways in the borough.  
29 July, 2015
New resort in Svaneti
The longest - 9,5 km track in Transcaucasia with the steepest, 1,7 km ski slope fall line, skiers' dream - this is just small a part of Tetnuldi ski resort profile.  
23 June, 2015
Difficult June
Our company was combating dire consequences in June in Akhaldaba and Tskluleti but those employees who were not delegated to the villages were cleaning Tbilisi zoo and ‘Mziuri' areas with other volunteers.