Duisi-Jokolo Road Construction in Pankisi Gorge

Project: Commissioned by the Roads Department under the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, the "State Construction Company", Ltd. Is implementing construction-rehabilitation works on km15-km19 (villages of Duisi and Jokolo) secondary road in Akhmeta-Batsara reserve in Pankisi Gorge, Municipality of Akhmeta.

Within the framework of the project, the sections of the road with the width of 4.5 meters, will widen to 6 meters; alongside the road, on both sides, predominantly within inhabited areas, reinforced concrete cuvettes will arrange; steel pipes will arrange at the yard entrance junctions and at some entrances of organizations; the entrances and certain sections of the junctions will cover with asphalt concrete layer; asphalt-covered sidewalk will arrange for pedestrians along the entire section of the road, wherever it is possible; road section will mark up, inner road signs will install, alongside guiding struts and curvilinear metal posts.

Implementation of the project has started in Autumn 2016.

Financing: The contract value of the project amounts to GEL 1,507,770.

Employment Status: There are 30 people employed at the site.

Outcome: The old road impede traffic passage and endangered the lives of pedestrians, as there are virtually no sidewalks or pedestrian pathways. After the implementation of civil works, moving along the road will be both safe and comfortable.