Mestia-Tsrniashi Road Rehabilitation Project

Project: Commissioned by the Roads Department under the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, the "State Construction Company", Ltd. is rehabilitating the downtown Mestia-Airport-Tsrniashi km1+000-km-4+000 local road section.

The project envisages restoration and reinforcement of 2,803 meters of road; rehabilitation of existing communications wells; dismantling of damaged concrete parapets; raking asphalt concrete layer; arranging reinforced concrete pipes and sewage network; fixing the existing 51-meter-long concrete supporting wall and construction of two 104-meter-long new concrete supporting wall on the lower side; coastal protection with an 80-meter-long gabion; renovation of yard entrances and annexes; refurbishing sidewalks and pavements; laying two-layered asphalt concrete on the road; motor road markup; installation of road signs, struts and barriers.

Implementation of civil works commenced in August, 2016.

Financing: The contract value of the project amounts to 2,422,575 GEL.

Employment Status: There are currently 15 people employed at the site.

Outcome: Lately, Mestia has seen a rapid development of tourist infrastructure, among them construction of roads, hotel complexes, bars, restaurants and the mountainous ski resort. A new road connecting downtown Mestia with the airport will contribute to this endeavor and create additional opportunities of employment for the locals.