Projects carried out by the company

"State Construction Company" LTD is an organization encompassing a number of diverse fields. The majority of our projects are government-ordered, implementation of which are related to a lot of topical issues.

In light of this, the past three years have been quite special for our company - loaded with projects of utmost significance and enormous challenges, yielding results to be proud of. First and foremost, we should mention the 24-hour, non-stop efforts carried out by our employees in the toughest conditions in Dariali gorge. They were fulfilling their professional obligations at the highest quality, by risking their lives they were clearing the territories and were rehabilitating the road, which was being used by a lot of people.

Throughout the period of its activity, the "State Construction Company" LTD implemented a number of large-scale projects. Within the frameworks of these projects, on tough landscapes and in complicated conditions, 7 sections of Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi motor roads have been fixed, among which was the Gudauri-Kobi section, the gallery located therein, bridges, tunnels and the overlook; A 13.4 km section of Tbilisi bypass road has also been rehabilitated.

Other than the above-mentioned, our projects include: coastal protection works in Adlia and Sarpi, construction of modern clinics in Rukhi and Dedoplistskaro, as well as construction of the unique resort - Tetnuldi, construction of a new stadium in Tskaltubo, disaster liquidation in the village of Shemokmedi, Akhaldaba and Tskluleti, bank protection on river Bzhuzhi, etc.

Each and every project on which we worked this year and still continue working is valuable to us due to the significance they bear for the life of the people and the country as a whole. It also serves as an additional stimulus for our company to keep on providing quality service.