About SCC


The mission of the "State Construction Company" LTD is to contribute to the welfare of our country by implementing projects and completing civil works of any level of complexity by adhering to the standards of high quality and safety, in any timeframe and conditions, and by strictly specified dates. 


The vision of the "State Construction Company" LTD is to maintain and advance the leading position in its activities, as a reliable company, enjoying the impeccable reputation in the field of infrastructure development.


The values of the "State Construction Company" LTD are the following: high quality, safety and environmental protection; completing works in specified dates; transparency, accountability and discipline; offering good working conditions to the employees, encouraging mutual respect and trust. 

State Construction CompanyLTD is focused on developing local industry, correspondingly, when implementing projects, and whenever conditions permit, it uses Georgian-made product, be it armature, aggregates, concrete, construction blocks, bricks, plasterboards, tetrapods, paints, etc.