Bank protection on River Bzhuzhi

Project: „State Construction Company" LTD is completing construction of 7,20 m. high reinforcement protective wall on River Bzhuzhi flooding of which inflicted over GEL 3 000 000 damage to Guria, its infrastructure and population.

Protective wall is being built where overflown water due to intensive rains at the end of September 2014 destroyed 70 m long motor road on km4 of the highway of Ozurgeti-Shemokmedi-Bzhuzhi-Gomista at the village of Shemokmedi and blocked travel.

The length of protective reinforcement wall constructed at one part of the river is 594m; The width of the wall in the riverbed is 6 m and 40cm at the highest point. The wall is of cone shaped and it is 4 meter down in the water. A reinforcement wall of 170 m. long and 8.5 m. high is built at the other part of the river. The Company is now constructing a 8 m. high and 200 m wide protective wall on the river.

Riv. Bzhuzhi bank protection works also cover construction of 100 m. long gabion and laying o 540 m2 asphalt layer on the road section damaged by flood. In addition to the above-said works, river bed of Bzhuzhi was cleaned, widened and deepened; several temporary dams were arranged for retaining water.  

Funding: GEL 7,4 mln was allocated from the state budget for liquidation of damage caused by disaster and bank protection in Shemokmedi. 

Number of employees: The number of people employed for the works was 45; majority of them were locals.

Outcome: Central motor road of Ozurgeti-Shemokmedi-Bzhuzhhesi-Gomista serves to the population of 7 villages - more than 5 000 residents of Guria and their guests; the villages are as follows: Shemokmedi, Kviriketi, Tsitelmta, Gonebiskari, Gomi, Bokhvauri, resort Gomista. 20% of the total population of Ozurgeti visit Gomista at resort season. After completing bank protection works movement on roads will be safe even in heavy rains.