Coastal Protection works in Sarpi

Project: By the order of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, „State Construction Company" LTD is implementing civil works to lay asphalt on the 117-119 km of Senaki-Poti-Sarpi international road, as well as coastal protection and road maintenance.

On the Senaki-Poti-Sarpi motor road of international significance, there are on average 15,000 cars travelling daily, however, due to the storm waves the lower side of the road has been gradually washing away, which endangered the road, and correspondingly the transport and passengers travelling on it as well. The one-kilometer long rocky part of the road was also posing a serious problem, where stonefall was quite frequent. Boulders had been falling down the steep cliff almost year-round, which often resulted in injuring passengers and damaging cars and freight alike. This part of the road is an extension to the Sarpi check-point and is practically the shortest route for cars travelling from Europe through Turkey to reach South Caucasus or Asia.

According to the project, in order to prevent the stonefall, a special protective net has been installed on the cliff; the 100-meter long overpass has been rehabilitated. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2016.

Financing: Coastal protection works on Sarpi are financed through the state budget and the total value amounts to 58.4 million GEL.

Employment: 100 people are employed on the civil works and the majority of them are locals.

Outcome: After completing coastal protection works and installation of stonefall protective net, the territory will become more protected and safer for the local populace, as well as international transporters and foreign passengers.