Construction of Tetnuldi Ski Resort

Project: „State Construction Company" LTD is implementing civil works of Tetnuldi ski resort.

The first stage includes construction of 5 ropeway stations, with a total length of 5.9 km; 18 ski slopes are being prepared, with a total length of 25 km; additionally, waterworks, sewage, electric power supply and mountain drainage systems are being built. Construction of infrastructural buildings, administrative buildings, parking lot and other necessary facilities are also ongoing.

„State Construction Company" LTD carried out well over 90% of ground works on Tetnuldi, among them in terms of arranging ski slopes; in total, 6 sub-stations have been completed and are currently operational, water plants and reservoirs have been built, including the relevant networks, bio-waste treatment plants, the so-called BIOTALs, are also ready to be made operational. Bridge tubes have been arranged on the mountain ravines; creation of mountain drainage systems has been completed on the majority of the ski slopes.

Financing: The project is financed by the governments of Georgia and France. 15,700,000 GEL has been allocated for the works to be implemented by the Company.

Employment: 300 people have been employed on the construction, the majority of whom are local populace.

Outcome: Tetnuldi is a unique mountain resort, which is active during all four seasons of the year. Here, it is possible to develop alpinism, rafting, horse-riding, paragliding, snowboarding and mountain tourism. The resort territory covers 7000 ha. out of which 4500 ha. is ski territory of the mountain.

Tetnuldi ski slope will be the longest in the Caucasus with the highest vertical drop, which is a significant characteristic feature for ski enthusiasts. It is also worth mentioning that the skiing period during a year is 6-7 months.

With the current calculations, Tetnuldi ski slopes can accommodate 4,100 skiers simultaneously and the hourly capacity of the ropeways is 8,400 people per hour. The tourist capacity of the mountain itself amounts to 6806 people.

Within the framework of the current project, by means of enclosed ropeway, it is planned to connect the ski-resort with the five villages of Mulakhi community, which will aid in transforming these villages into tourist destinations (development of hotel and food establishment infrastructure, the so-called Bed-and-breakfast hotels).