Coastal Protection in Adlia

Project: „State Construction Company" LTD carried out Adlia coastline protection works on the order of LEPL "Adjara Autonomous Republic Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Division". The project covered fortification of around 1 km. long coast line: stone berm was constructed, layers of which were arranged in a manner to protect buildings from washing away during storms.

Funding: The project was financed from the budget of Adjara Autonomous Republic and its total cost was GEL 5.7 mln.

Number of employees: The number of people employed for the works was around 100; majority of them were locals.

Outcome: Adlia section of Adjara coastline was seriously damaged due to 2013-2014 storms: the airport was endangered, beach section was narrowed, pathway was damaged, concrete bearing wall was destroyed. In addition, road which is 30-50 meters away from the coast and which is travelled by around 6000 vehicles per 24 hours, was jeopardized. 

Implementation of the project will solve the problems that the Adlia section has had for years; it will protect the beach and ensure safe travel on the nearby motor road.