Cleaning of Tskhneti-Akhaldaba Road

Project: Disastrous events developed on Tskneti-Betania road on June 13 to 14. Around 1 000 000m3 mass of soil slid from the mountain slope. Carriageway was destroyed, access to the village of Akhaldaba was blocked. "State Construction Company" LTD managed and restored access road to the village of Akhaldaba within 3 days. 8 sections of road were cleaned from debris of landslide; drainage pipes were installed to pass river water and potential floods. Motor road was constructed over the pipes.

Funding: Cleaning works of Tskhneti-Betania road which cost GEL 422 524 was funded from the state budget.

Number of employees: The number of people employed for the works was over 50 and majority of them were locals.

Outcome: As a result of the works road communication with Akhaldaba has been restored, population has been provided with necessary articles, water and food by cars.