Cleaning of Tskhluleti Road

Project: 12 km long road of Tskluleti became impassable as a result of heavy rain on June 21. Road cover and drainage pipes were damaged. Cleaning works started on the same day. Alongside roads channels were opened where diverting of water was possible; road and drainage pipes that were filled with soil were cleaned; part of pipes was laid in the ground anew.

Water supply restoration works were carried out and parallel roads that were damaged by heavy rainfall were cleaned.

Funding: Liquidation works of the damaged caused by disaster were funded from the state budget and its cost equaled to GEL 286 700.

Number of employees: Number of people employed for the works was 30 and majority of them were locals.

Outcome: "State Construction Company" LTD cleaned the road accessing to and passing through borough Tskluleti in two days. After cleaning, restoring communication to these populated areas was possible within shortest terms.