“Kokhta Mountain” Access Road

Project: 1, 100 m road is the main connecting route for borough Bakuriani and the village of Didi Mitarbi and an access road to Kokhta Mountain. It should be also highlighted that the construction of tourist facilities is now actively underway on this territory. Being narrow the old road did not allow traffic on both directions, hence creating serious problems of movement. Besides, the road was abundant with potholes. As a result of the works the road has been widened, leveled and graveled, potholes have been filled and wells have been fixed.

Funding: The project was funded from the state budget. Total cost of the works was GEL 175 000.

Number of employees: The number of people employed for the works was 10 and majority of them were locals.      

Outcome: The new road will solve the movement problem for the residents of the borough and neighboring villages. It will facilitate construction of a ropeway and a residential block on Kokhta Mountain which, on its part, will increase the tourism potential of the region.