Two sections on Mtskheta-Stephantsminda-Larsi highway

Project: By the end of 2014 "State Construction Company" LTD started rehabilitation of two sections on the international Mtskheta-Stephantsminda-Larsi motor road. The works were finalized in the autumn of 2015.

On 106 and 110 km-s of the road artificial structures were built, yard entrances were arranged and water pipes were laid; Reinforcement Bridge was constructed over the river Narvani; gabions were arranged; two-layer asphalt-concrete cover was laid on the road; cold recycling method was used in arranging base layer of the road; junctions and bus stop squares were arranged; road was painted and barriered, road signs were installed; on 4,2 km of the road steel girders were arranged.  

On km117 and km121, over the river Terkhena, 88 km. long bridge was rehabilitated; reinforcement pipes were laid; gabions were arranged; stone layer lower bearing wall was elevated; two-layer asphalt-concrete cover was laid; junctions and entrances to yards as well as reinforcement grooves, bus stops and car pavilions were arranged; water communications near the Second World War memorial was repaired;

Road signs damaged during Dariali natural disaster event were changed; road was painted and concrete parapets were arranged.

Funding: The works were funded from the state budget. Total cost of the works was GEL 9 724 750.

Number of employees: The number of people employed for the works was over 200 and large part of them were locals.      

Outcome: Travel on the road has become faster, safer and more comfortable.