Bank Protection Works on Terek River

Project: "State Construction Company", Ltd. under the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia constructed a floodwall in the river-bed of Terek river.

Bank protection of Terek river was undertaken within the framework of disaster aftermath liquidation works after the second landslide in Dariali Gorge in 2014 and in anticipation and prevention attempts of further natural disasters in the area. The excess material that slid on the road was cleaned out; a metal culvert was installed; 150 meters of ballast bed was reinforced; blocks and riprap was used to form a 700-meter-long floodwall; in order to protect the hydro power plant located in the ravine, river-bed was altered on a 90-meter distance. Project implementation was completed in autumn, 2015.

Financing: The bank protection works of Terek river was funded through state budget and the total cost amounted to GEL 1,200,000.

Employment Status: There were 100 people employed at the site.

Outcome: As a result of implemented works, the nearby road and Dariali monastery will be protected during water level elevation in Terek river.