Construction of Evacuation Corridor on Larsi

Project: "State Construction Company", Ltd. completed the construction of evacuation corridor on the 136th kilometer of Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi motor road.

According to the project, on a nearby mountain of Larsi customs post "Kazbegi", on a 7÷12 meter height above the motor road level, 57÷65 pieces of apertures with 1.5 meters of depth were excavated, in which reinforced concrete piers were placed. The piers are interconnected with unifying monolithic reinforced concrete plates each 40 centimeters thick. This construction hosts a 208.4-meter-long and 2.25-meter-wide balcony, which has been covered with a special net to safeguard against loose and falling pebbles and additionally, was fitted with a metal railing. The balcony can be reached from four ladders placed at various places.

The evacuation balcony starts out from the customs territory and extends to the Dariali monastery, where special square has been arranged. This very square affords the possibility to evacuate people using a helicopter.

Construction of the evacuation balcony commenced in June, 2015 and was completed in August, 2016.

Financing: Total value of the project comprised 1,730,000 GEL.

Employment Status: There were up to 60 people employed, mostly the members of local populace.

Outcome: The project, the like of which has not been implemented in Georgia up until now, is significant in that given the tough terrain, during landslides, floods and other natural disasters, the evacuation balcony provides a possibility for people using Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi motor road, or those working at the customs or on ongoing constructions to safely relocate from the zones affected by a disaster to the evacuation spot.