Liquidation of the damage caused by natural disaster in Guria

Project: Flooding of the river Bzhuzhi due to heavy rainfall at the end of September, 2014 destroyed 70 meter long motor road on km4 of Ozurgeti-Shemokmedi-Bzhuzhesi-Gomismta highway and blocked the traffic.

River flew over its bed, flooded school yard and agricultural lands. Bridges of the village of Natanebi were flooded. Damage inflicted to the population and infrastructure of Guria then exceeded GEL 3 mln.

\"State Construction Company\" LTD immediately involved in the damage liquidation process. Both in the villages of Shemokmedi and Natanebi destroyed part of the road was fully restored within just couple of days as a result of intensive works. River bed of Bzhuzhi in the village of Natanebi was cleaned, widened and deepened, several temporary dams were arranged, 36 units of 10 tone tetrapodes were put and motor road was repaired.

Two pipe-bridges which connected two parts of the village Natanebi and were destroyed due to flooding of the river Natanebi were repaired. New pipe-bridges were constructed by putting metal water-passing pipes that were leveled with sand-gravel. In addition, a 250-meter-long road which led to one of the bridges and was damaged by flooding, was also repaired.       

Funding: State budget allocated GEL 7,4 mln for liquidation of natural disaster in Guria and embankment protection of the river Bzhuzhi in the village of Shemokmedi.

Number of employees: The number of people employed for the works was over 200 and majority of them were locals.

Outcome: Around 12 000 residents of Guria, population of the village of Shemokmedi and of 6 villages around it, as well as the population of the village of Natanebi will be able to move safely on the road.