Rehabilitation of 13,4 km section of Tbilisi by-pass

Project: "State Construction Company\" LTD carried out rehabilitation of 13,4 km section of Tbilisi by-pass.

The rehabilitation works covered correction of wide profiles of the road; carriageway was cleaned from soil; damaged road cover was removed with cold milling; 20 cm sub-base and two-layer asphalt-concrete cover with the thickness of 7+5 cm was arranged with the method of cold recycling; bearing walls were arranged on certain sections; new road signs were installed and the road was painted horizontally; 8 overpasses on the design road were repaired.

Funding: The project was funded from the state budget. Total cost of the works was GEL 11 171 430.

Number of employees: The number of people employed for the works was 123 and large part of them were locals.      

Outcome: Travel on the road has become faster, safer and more comfortable.