Border Police Buildings

"State Construction Company" LTD constructed border-crossing points for Divisions 3 and 5 of Land Border Police of the Border Police towards Tsiteli Khidi (Red Bridge) and Lagodekhi. New buildings were constructed at the following border-crossing points: Akhalsofeli, Tsodniskari, Mskhalgori, Shilda, Akhkerpi, Burdazori, Vakhtangisi, Lokjandari.

Administrative-barrack buildings, garage fitted for 3 light vehicles, power generator room, repair parts and lubricants storeroom and latrine were constructed on each of the above-listed locations.  

In order to ensure comfort for the personnel administrative-barrack buildings were constructed with 10 cm thick of polyurethane sandwich panels. Floors of buildings are covered with ceramic-granite, flooring tiles and laminated floor. Rooms are heated with panel radiators.

Cost of the project is GEL 4 803 601.