A Road Connecting on Makhata Mountain

Project: Commissioned by Tbilisi City Hall, the "State Construction Company", Ltd. constructed a 2-km-long road connecting Sameba to the temples currently under construction on Makhata mountain.

The new road has been paved with two layers of asphalt concrete; sidewalks and curbs have been arranged; in order to protect the foundation from the effects of rain, on one of the sections of the road running through the settled area, a drainage network has been implanted, pipes laid, wells built and junctions with water-drainage channels established; alongside another part of the road, reinforced concrete cuvettes have been constructed.

Construction of the new road commenced in February, 2016 and was completed in July, the same year.

Financing: "State Construction Company", Ltd. carried out the civil works on the road connecting Sameba with the temples currently under construction on Makhata mountain, as well as reconstruction-rehabilitation works on Agladze and Ghoghoberidze streets and one of the roads leading to Tsavkisi, based on the procurement bid announced by Tbilisi City Hall. The total procurement value amounts to 5,049,999 GEL.

Employment Status: There were 105 people employed.

Outcome: A road of strategic significance, which connects Avlabari, a historic district of Tbilisi to the Makhata mountain, not only alleviates traffic congestion, but also makes access to these areas much more comfortable for a number of visitors and tourists.