Fundamental Repairs on Agladze Street

Project: Commissioned by Tbilisi City Hall, the "State Construction Company", Ltd. carried out fundamental repairs of Agladze street in the district of Didube.

Within the framework of the project, the damaged carpet was removed from the street and new layer of asphalt was laid; the sewage network was arranged, pipes laid, and the wells and junctions to water-drainage channels implanted; sidewalks were paved and new basalt curbs installed.

Construction of the new road commenced in February, 2016 and was completed in July, the same year.

Financing: "State Construction Company", Ltd. carried out the fundamental repairs on Agladze street, as well as reconstruction-rehabilitation works on the road connecting Sameba with the temple currently under construction on Makhata mountain, Ghoghoberidze street and one of the roads leading to Tsavkisi based on the procurement bid announced by Tbilisi City Hall. The total procurement value amounts to 5,049,999 GEL.

Employment Status: There were 40 people employed.

Outcome: Due to compact settlement and proliferation of retail businesses, Agladze street is constantly busy. The street is frequented by large cars and public transport. After completion of civil works, Agladze street already meets modern standards.