Fundamental Repairs of Shalva Nutsubidze Street

Project: Commissioned by Tbilisi City Hall, the "State Construction Company", Ltd. implemented fundamental repair works on Shalva Nutsubidze Street in Tbilisi.

According to the project, on up to 4 kilometers of road sewage network was renewed, new observation and water-drainage wells were arranged, basalt curbs were installed, sidewalks were arranged; road carpet was arranged, with foundation and two-layered asphalt concrete, as well as passages to yards were redone.

Implementation of the project commenced in July, 2016 and was completed in September, the same year.

Financing: The total value of the project is comprised of GEL 2,771,000.

Employment Status: At this stage, there are 60 people employed at the site.

Outcome: After implementation of the project, travelling on one of the centermost streets of Tbilisi became more comfortable.