Liquidation of Aftermath of New Disaster in Dariali Gorge

Project: Commissioned by the Roads Department under the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, the "State Construction Company", Ltd. implemented disaster aftermath liquidation works in Dariali Gorge.

On the 23rd of June, disaster occurred on the km134-km135 section of Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi international motor road when as a result of heavy and incessant rain, large amount of mud-slide descended from Devdoraki ravine. It resulted in throwing the river Terek out of its natural river-bed and flooding of the adjacent territory, damaging an 800-meter-long section of the road.

Within the framework of implemented works, the river Terek, as well as the river Amali were returned to their natural river-beds, for which purpose, temporary access roads were arranged to both of the rivers; stone armour the size of 115 square meters in river Amali and 9,081 square meters in the Terek river-beds were arranged; 18,000 square meters of road was traced and grounded; sewage metal pipes were installed; boulders were aligned alongside the lower supporting wall of the road; sand-gravel mixture was laid and flattened at the base of the road; the roadway was marked up; 137 pieces of plastic guiding struts and 60 lampposts were installed; 6 special concrete parapets were arranged.

Financing: In order to liquidate the aftermath of new disaster in Dariali Gorge, 2,900,000 GEL had been allocated.

Employment Status: There were up to 80 people employed at the site, mostly the members of local populace.

Outcome: Road traffic was resumed on one of the most complex international roads of Georgia.