Flood Aftermath Liquidation in Vani Municipality

Project: Commissioned by the Roads Department under the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, the "State Construction Company", Ltd. implemented flood aftermath liquidation works in the Municipality of Vani.

In July, 2016, due to the three-days-long incessant rain, the river Sulori overflowed, washed away the bridge in the village of Sulori, flooded the yards of the local settlers and damaged the 12th km of the motor road connecting Vani to Sulori.

Within the framework of flood aftermath liquidation attempts, the company managed to clean the affected territory in the shortest period of time imaginable, returned Sulori river to its natural river-bed and opened the motor road; was built a 225-meter-long rock armour in the river-bed is under way.

Financing: In order to liquidate the aftermath of flooding on Vani-Sulori road, GEL 1,500,000 have been allocated.

Employment Status: There are 36 people employed at the site.

Outcome: As a result of the project implementation, traffic movement has been reinstated on the road, which is fully protected from flood by the rock armour construction.