Road Rehabilitation in Tsilkani IDP Settlement

Project: Commissioned by the Municipal Development Fund under the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, the "State Construction Company", Ltd. implemented rehabilitation works on the inner streets of IDP settlement in Tsilkani.

A total of 2.5-km-long road, that comprises 6 streets, was grounded, spread and flattened with sand-gravel mixture 20 cm in thickness and 10-cm-long fractured pebbles; cuvettes were arranged.

Financing: Total value of the project amounted to 160,000 GEL.

Employment Status: There were 10 people employed.

Outcome: There are up to 1,300 internally displaced persons living in this compact settlement. During rain, the flooded pathways obstructed the movement of both pedestrians and cars; when required, neither emergency services nor fire trucks were able to respond to the calls in the area. As a result of civil works undertaken here, movement on inner streets is freely available in any weather conditions.