Rehabilitation of Two more Streets Has Been Completed in Tbilisi

Commissioned by Tbilisi City Hall, "State Construction Company", Ltd. rehabilitated two more streets.

Road carpet with a total length of 700 meters was replaced on Shermadini and 13 Assyrian Fathers streets, where ballast beds and road foundations were arranged. The road was covered with a total of 5,000 cubic meters of two-layered asphalt concrete.

"State Construction Company", Ltd. carried out the rehabilitation works on Shermadin and 13 Assyrian Fathers streets, as well as fundamental repair works on Agladze street, construction works on the road connecting Sameba with the temples currently under construction on Makhata mountain, Ghoghoberidze street and one of the roads leading to Tsavkisi, based on the procurement bid announced by Tbilisi City Hall. The total procurement value amounts to GEL5,049,999.

There were 22 people employed at the site.