Liquidation of the damage caused by natural disaster in Dariali

Project: "State construction Company" LTD carried out liquidation of the damages caused by natural disaster in Devdoraki Gorge in 2014.

Landslide collapsed on km 134 of Mtskheta-Stephantminda-Larsi motor road, in the river Devdoraki gorge in May and August of 2014 as a result of activation of historic glacial mudflow.

During the first event, on May 17, 1 mln 3 soil mass detached from 5, 047-meter-high summit. As a result, the river Terek Gorge and motor road was blocked, transport connection at Georgia-Russia border section was deranged.

At the decision of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, specialists and equipment of the "State Construction Company" was mobilized on site from the very first moment of the disastrous event. The company carried out liquidation works in the hardest conditions and non-stop regime.

Liquidation works of the first disastrous event on km134: River bed was cut; a metal pipe to pass water was installed; the road was shielded by a special profile concrete parapet.    

The other disastrous event in Devdoraki Gorge came on August 20, 2014. Heavy rains and mudflow caused slid of 400 000 m3 soil mass. Rescue and cleaning works started at 4:00 in the morning. Protective dam was arranged on the highway to avoid overflow of the river Terek.

As a result of mobilization of necessary heavy equipment and specialists and working non-stop, "State Construction Company" LTD managed to clean the damaged territory and restore traffic movement within as limited time as possible.

Funding: Liquidation works were funded from the state budget and its total cost equaled to GEL 5 161 888.

Number of employees: The number of people employed for the works was over 200 and majority of them were locals.      

Outcome: Traffic movement was restored on a highly important international road.